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>>> a nuclear nightmare, japan's deadly earthquake spark as nuclear crises. >> right now the rescue teams are sphoiching for survivors as they brace for more problems. >> hello, again. i'm don scott. >> and here is what people are talking about today. the situation in japan is just getting worse. thousands are dead and millions are struggling to survive in the aftermath of the earthquake and the tsunami. right now everyone is scrambling to prevent a nuclear catastrophe. another explosion at a power plant has happened and randall pinkston has the latest for wjz. >> reporter: the second explosion at a crippled power plant in northern japan sent a huge column of smoke into the sky. the officials say all three reactors at the complex are in jeopardy of total meltdown. more than 1 80,000 have been evacuated from a 12-mile area and many outside that zone are also leaving. >> we would like to be further away from there. >> reporter: in the hard hit city, the government troops are picking through mountains of rubble searching for survivors. thousands here are missed and feared dead. across
impact. the earthquake in japan triggers a tsunami and leaves hundreds dead. >>> hello, i'm yes, sir and here's what people are talking about today. it's a scene of devastation in japan in a wake of a monster earthquake. 200 are confirmed dead and many more are still missing. the quake triggered powerful tsunamis. the waves hit several countries. wjz has coverage of the event. tim williams is tracking the tsunami and we'll begin with the latest on the situation in japan. >> reporter: the massive tsunami crashed on to the north east coast of japan swallowing villages. the 23-foot wave swept away boats, homes and cars. residents fled to rooftops to escape the water and mood. the police have found 300 bodies in sendai. they're having a hard time getting a handle on the scale of destruction. the earthquake unleashed shortly before 3:00. >> the floor was shaking like a carnival ride. you never knew when it would stop. >> reporter: downtown, large buildings shook and workers poured into the streets. cameras captured the moment that is the quake hit. they've never experienced anything like
>>> unrest. concerns are mounting about japan's nuclear crisis. >> why several nations are preparing for radio active fallout. >> the situation in japan continues to worsen as cruise try to reverse what happened. wjz has complete coverage for you. mike hellgren with how maryland is taking a closer look at the nuclear facilities here and near by first, randall pinkston with more on the situation in japan. >> reporter: japanese military helicopters carrying water buckets hovered over the fukushima daiichi nuclear plant. the problems are not simple enough to be fixed by water dumbs. another fire and high radiation levels temporarily forced crews to leach wednesday morning but they were ordered to return several hours later. about 50 workers have been trying to cool fuel rods. earlier in the day white smoke could be seen rising. thousands of worried residents are fleeing. many are frustrated over the lack of information. >> it's very traumatic. >> reporter: the united nations and the u.s. government have both spent teams to japan to deal with the nuclear crisis. more than 9
. mostly for bombs and missiles. >>> japan vowed to overhaul the nuclear safety standards. the leaders admitted that the safe guards weren't enough. today, plutonium began seeping from the plant. the amounts aren't a risk to humans. it's the results of the damaged fuel rods though. >>> this is prompting a local group to issue its own warning. we're live with coverage with alex demetrick. >> reporter: for the past few weeks, a research group has been compiling information. it shows what coup in the u.s. >> reporter: as the radiation levels climb in japan, critics are issuing their own warnings. the latest are showing reports in u.s. plants. >> nuclear power is too risky for the communities. >> reporter: 17 significant incidents have happened since 1979. >> the nuclear commission showed significant pressorsers to a -- precursors as a meltdown. >> in 2003, radioactive hydrogen leaked from the plant. the wokers said that the source was one of the original pipes layed into the ground 40 years ago. >> reporter: that didn't lead to problems outside of the plant. the industry says what happene
on the west coast. >> how it's connected to the nuclear crisis in japan. hello. i'm don scott. >> i'm jessica kartalija. as japan struggles withs it nuclear crisis, more equipment is being sent to help. more traces of radiation are turning up here in the u.s. >> reporter: the united nations wants japan to expand the evacuation zone around the damaged fukushima power plant. there's now a 12-mile mandatory zone. high radiation levels have been discovered in a sprig 25 miles away. inside the zone police inside protective suits are looking for bodies killed in the earthquake and tsunami. they recovered 19 on wednesday but many more are smissments officials say concerns about radiation are slowing the work. the latest tests of sea water show radiation levels are still rising, now more than 4300 times the legal limit. the crisis is turning fukushima into a ghost town. the city is outside the evacuation zone, but residents enmass rush home from work to minimize radiation expose smumplet trains are not running and shops are closing at 5 p.m. this merchant said it's lonely at night. no one is outside.
it doesn't pose a health threat yet. the clock is ticking in japan with the nuclear plant in crisis. dangerous levels of radiation are seeping from the fukushima plant. could it make it to the u.s. it would be dispersed before it came to the united states. at the present time this seems unlikely. >> reporter: it's unclear how much radiation people have been exposed to. they are performing efforts to fix the plant. there was an explosion this important that was 164 times the limit in the u.s. for an entire year. >> when it blows it will blow like wax. if there's water it will solidify and freeze. >> reporter: in the chernobyl disaster p.d dozens died. much of the radiation was contained in the worst nuclear accident in u.s. history, north of baltimore at three mile island. many of the safety measures are in place. >> we are always looking for places to improve. the whole culture of our industry is to continuously improve. >> reporter: radiation can cause can several high amounts can cause immediate death. more than 140,000 people near the damaged reactors in japan have been evacuated
in that crippled power plant in japan. >> could there be more contamination. >>> here's what people are talking about today. it was two weeks ago that the earthquake in japan battered the country. now, there's another set back at the nuclear power plant. here's more. >> reporter: the plant in japan has a new problem. the officials think that highly radioactive water is leaking from a reactor. they're concerned that the core may have been breached. >> this creates a larger possibility of radiation being leaked into the environment. >> reporter: two workers stepped into water with radiation levels ten thousand times highier than previously detectived. they were rushed to the hospital. >> reporter: nuclear experts are in constant contact. the situation is grave and series. workers have made some progress. running power lines and restores electricity to control rooms. set backs continue. now, even more residents are told to leave their homes. the government expanded the evacuation zone from 12 to 18 miles around the plant. produce from the region is banned and now, radioactive items are showing up
at 7:30. >>> new pools of radioactive water are discovered outside of the crippled plant in japan. it has radiation 10,000 levels highier than normal. the crisis has also contaminated food and forested evacuations around the area. the u.s. government confirms small amounts of radiation made its way here to america. derek valcourt has more. good afternoon, derek. >> reporter: we're talking about small amounts of radiation here. the levels are so mall, the state and federal officials are urging people not to worry about it. >> reporter: it's a long trip to the plant in japan, but some radiation made it. sunday, the officials announced a radioactive form of iodine is detected in rain water in pennsylvania and massachusetts. the epa says that those rain water levels are 25 times below the levels of cop certain -- concerns. >> it's much less still than a plane flight, particularly if you go and have an x-ray, that's highier radiation. >> reporter: tests of rain water in maryland show there's no radiation. this plant has detected small amounts of radiation. sensors in charlottesville, v
problems in japan at the nuclear plant. heavy smoke forced workers to leave. here's the report for wjz. >> reporter: smoke rose from two reactors at the plant forcing the workers to evacuate. they're trying to get the cooling systems to operate -- again. >> there's been no increase in temperature and radioactivity. >> reporter: residents near the zone are still leaving. unsafe levels of radiation have been found near food near the plant. [no audio] >> the international out pouring of support continues including here. the archdiocese is urging all churches to hold collections for japan. as part of our continuing community commitment, we want to help you help those effected. to make an instant donation, go to red cross' website or call or text. >>> a familiar site returns. the constellation returned to the traditional spot. it underwent repairs from rot from rain water. it will reopen tomorrow. >>> and still to come on eyewitness news at noon. booster seat safety, new recommendations that could change the way your child rides in the car. >>> mobile merger, how a proposed deal to create a
plant in japan. they have hooked up power lines to all six reactors now but it could be days or weeks before the repair work is finished as they try to restart critical cooling systems. monitoring teams now say radiation levels are 1600 times higher than normal. >> this situation remains serious. and there is the potential for further degradation. >> also today the first american to die in the earthquake has been confirmed. 24-year-old taylor anderson taught english at one of the now wiped out areas. she refused to leave the school until all of her children were out for safety and then took off for higher ground on her bike. >>> investigation is under way after a man is found dead in his home after carbon monoxide poisoning. a neighbor called 911 to report the smell of gas coming from the house. firefighters found the mans body and two dead cats. >>> we are investigating another string of shootings. last night a man was shot in the back in north east baltimore. three more shootings followed shortly after. the police commissioner has vowed to step up patrols throughout the city and exp
. >>> workers of that crippled nuclear plant in japan have shut down the recovery operations again as new radiation fears rise. tap water at the tokyo purification plant has tested positive for radiation. the levels were twice the levels and authorities are warning parents not to let their babies drink the water. at the plant, engineers have connected high power lines to six reactors and started one pump to cool down the still overheated fuel rods. >>> here, police are asking for your help in finding who fatally stabbed a department of public works employee in west baltimore. wjz and derek valcourt is live outside city police headquarters with developments in this case. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, don. police are releasing new images apparently captured by surveillance video near the crime scene that apparently captured the entire attack and they are releasing those images as they ask for the public's help trying to track down the killer. police are calling this man a person of interest in the murder of 24-year-old dpw worker david mclaughlin, stabbed to death at this she
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